Transport In Riga

Public transport.
Transport start running from 5.30 am and finish around midnight. During the night some trams and trolley-buses run every hour. There are 64 bus routes, 10 tram routes and 20 trolleybus routes in Riga.
Passengers buy tickets from driver.
Ticket price at the driver is 70 santims (appr. 1.00 EUR) per ride. For children up to 7 years tickets are free of charge.

Taxivans running along a certain route cost 40 - 60 santims per ride, at night ( 23.00 - 02.00) price is 50 - 80 santims. Taxibus stops are located close to Central Sation and Orthodox Cathedral and in front of Central Post Office. Tickets are bought from the drivers.

Regular fee is 45 - 60 santims/km during the day, and 80 santims/km between 22:00 – 06:00.
The embarkation charge is around 1.50 LVL. All licensed cabs will have special yellow license plates and a meter. Taxis can almost always be found, day or night, in front of hotels, airport, Railway Station, near the Opera House and on Strelnieku Laukums. The quickest way to catch a taxi is to flag one down.